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Jagodowa Polana - blueberry plantation

We are a producers of blueberries from Poland.  Our farm is located to the South of Warsaw, in Białobrzegi. It consists of three plantations-Daltrozów, Paulin and Lipskie Budy, a total area of 20 ha, is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of Integrated production and standard GlobalGAP. We have grown blueberries since 2012. Realizing the growing requirements of the market, constantly expanding our knowledge, participate in meetings and training courses on the subject of blueberry. We guarantee high quality fruits.

Polish producer of blueberries


blueberry fruit, producer, farm, polish blueberry

Our crops are young, breeding in method of in-vitro, in area where there are no blueberry plantations in the vicinity. some of the plants are growing under grids against hail, which protect not only against hail, but also against the sun and wind.
Fruits directly after harvest are transported to a cold store, then are sorted and packed according to the contract, we are trying to freeze fruits after harvest within 2 hours, and within 2-3 days transport to the cuatomer. This is a basic condition to guarantee the good quality on a shelf called the self-life.
We accept orders for pallet quantities of at least one week in advance.

We invite you to cooperation.

Jagodowa Polana

Joanna i Paweł Kret, Daltrozów 7, 26-803 Promna, Poland

joanna @ +48 662 060 379

pawel @ +48 600 601 077