Blueberry Glade - plantation of blueberry

We are the producers of blueberry.
The adventure with blueberry begun in 2012, In the beginning it was meant to be 2 hectars, But by getting impressed by this fruit we decided for the next plants. The current size of our plantations is 20 hectars. The farm has two plantations:
Daltrozów - Here are the types of blueberry with medium and late time of maturity - Bluecrop, Chandler and Aurora. The size is 9 hectars. Here is our home. The positive aspect about this location is the localization, 3 kilometres from road S7, 60 kilometres from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
Zapilicze - Land near Stromiec forest, quiet, calm land far away from industry and intensive agriculture. Light soil near forests give the oppurtunity to grow early types of blueberry - Duke and Huron. Size of 11 hectars.
The farm has GLOBALG.A.P. certificate which is the guarantee of food security. We have the necessary tools to prepare and store blueberry. Some of the plantations with 5 hectars have special roofs that protect against strong weather such as heavy rain, sun, birds and heavy objects that can harm blueberry. Our plantation is not big but including the age of blueberry can be a great attribute. Most of the things we are doing ourselves, we are checking the same bush multiple amount of times per year so we can fully control what happens on our plantation all the time. It is a guarantee that our fruits will meet expectations of even the most demanding clients.
We hope that we can cooperate!


Why blueberries from our plantation?


18 years of work with plants

We have been producing fruit ourselves since 2000, with blueberries since 2012. This makes us have a lot of experience, and at the same time we have a lot of energy and freshness in the cultivation and production of blueberries.


Dynamic development

In year 2012 the size of our plantations was 2 hectars but in 2017 it was 20 hectars. The majority are young plants, which guarantees great quality of blueberries and gives increased production year by year even to 100%.


Certificate GlobalGAP

By year 2015 we have GlobalGAP certificate, which is the foundation of a good production, while also keeping good agricultural practices. We also integrated a program of Integrated Defense.

Manual sorting

Our farm is not big, so we can allow for manual sorting, high control of workers and personal contact with blueberries which we are selling.

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