czwartek, 16 styczeń 2020 20:12
Blueberry reality in Poland is undergoing major changes. Until now, a significant part of production took place on specialized farms where blueberries were the only or dominant plants. From 2-4 years it begins to change.
czwartek, 13 wrzesień 2018 20:52

The passing season will go down in history for two reasons:

Very early maturing of blueberries

środa, 07 marzec 2018 20:32


Blueberry growing is becoming more and more popular, not only in Poland, but also in Europe and the world. Blueberry reality changes very quickly.

wtorek, 06 luty 2018 21:33
Production of blueberries in Poland in the last 4-5 years has begun to develop dynamically, new plantings are growing.
czwartek, 01 luty 2018 19:58

The ends 3-year promotional and information campaign for berry fruit "Unusual properties of ordinary fruits" is coming to an end.  The campaign was conducted in Poland, Austria, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic.

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