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A new blueberry plantation

In 2015, we decided to expand our farm, unfortunately in the area where we have been operating so far, there is no agricultural land, let alone for growing blueberries.

We dreamed of a position in the vicinity of forests, far from intensive agriculture and industry. An important issue was also the soil type, i.e. light, sandy with a decent content of humus. We decided to buy the first plot in the vicinity of the Stromiecka Forest. The first was followed by the first one, and so in 2016 preparations for the new blueberry plantation on the area of ​​11 ha began. The choice of the main variety was quite simple, early Duke and pollinators Huron and Draper.

We decided to plant the plantation in the likeness of new modern Dutch plantations:

  •  blueberries planted on beds (lower than in the Netherlands, because the height is about 15-20 cm)
  • to avoid laborious weeding in the first years, lined with foils
  • fertilization of blueberries, 100% based on fertigation, which enables precise nutrition of plants and reduction of fertilizer and water losses
  • the heart of the plantation is a hydrophore, where the fertilizer computer precisely adjusts the fertilizer doses to the actual amount of water fed

We owe a lot of help to one of the oldest blueberry planters in Europe - Leon Schrijwerwerkers, and his team - Aleksandra, Piotr and Staszek. Before choosing a crop model, they visited us, gave us some tips, and gave us a lot of confidence. Soil assessment by the Dutch was in line with our opinion. In September 2016, we moved with works, laying out rows, quarters, irrigation bus, building a hydrophore, setting up a deep well. Spreading sawdust, peat. The works lasted until the end of October.

We planted the plants in the spring of 2017, for over a month in difficult conditions, it was necessary to spread the drip lines, the foil, and finally planting blueberries.

In 2018, we plan to further increase this new plantation by a further 3 ha, in the future new constructions are not excluded.



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