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Peru - a competitor for Polish blueberries?

Until recently, blueberries from South America were associated with Chile and Argentina. However, on the South American continent another giant - Peru is growing.

The general director of the Association of Blueberry Producers in Peru (ProArandanos), announced that the export in 2017 amounted to 41 329 tonnes and was 57% higher than in 2016, when was 26 327 tonnes.

The main directions of export are:

U.S.A - 44% (2016 - 56%)

The Netherlands - 26%, in 2016 - 24%

United Kingdom - 11%, in 2016 - 12%

China 10%, in 2016 Peru did not send to China

Exports to China in 2017 were very dynamic and in the medium term China could become the second recipient, just after the United States


The area of ​​cultivation in Peru is already 5,000 hectares, 90% of which belongs to companies associated with ProArandanos. Peru, wishing to avoid competition from Chile, the largest exporter of blueberries in the world, focuses on periods when Chile does not offer blueberries. That is why Peru is trying to get to the market as soon as possible, which is already in July.

Unfortunately, this window in which Peru is trying to shoot falls just at the time of harvest in Poland. The impact of Peruvian blueberries on Polish exports could already be seen in September 2017, when as a result of bad weather export from Poland was clearly limited, and western importers switched to blueberry Peruvian.

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