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Ukraine is increasing the production of blueberries

Production of blueberries in Ukraine is growing at a rapid pace, and exports are also growing.
In 2017, export amounted to 1,600 tons, in 2016 it was 1200 tons, and in 2015 Ukraine exported less than 350 tons

The peak of the season is in August, where the volume of exports this month in 2017 amounted to 897 tonnes, compared to 582 tonnes in August 2016.
The main sales markets are the Netherlands, Belarus and the United Kingdom. Export to the Netherlands increased by 19%, Belarus increased its imports by 15%. The largest increase in blueberry export took place in Great Britain, in 2017 it was 3 times higher than in 2016.
As a result, the price of blueberries in Ukraine due to import remains at a relatively high level. This causes that sales to the internal market are growing quite slowly.
The area of ​​cultivation in 2016 was about 1,000 hectares. Over the last 5 years, farmers have invested heavily in this genre. Further increases in production are expected in the following years.
Blueberry is not the only fruit species growing in this country, in 2017 Ukraine began exporting apples to the EU. The cultivation of cherries is also developing. In July 2017, Polish producers became convinced that due to frost they had 5-10% yield. The Polish market was flooded by cherries from Ukraine. The quality was not the best, the fruit battered and soft, but it led to a fall in prices of cherries in Poland in a very infertile year.
How it will be with blueberries, it will turn out.


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